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Grand Hotel Wien

The legendary hotel at the Ringstrasse» more

Grand Hotel Wien - The legendary hotel at the Ringstrasse

Lake´s Real Estate

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Lake´s Real Estate

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Photo Gallery
76 reviews of Lake's - my lake hotel & spa in Portschach am Worther See
Lake's - my lake hotel & spa
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: #1 of 13 hotels in Portschach am Worther See
Most Recent Traveler Reviews:
  • Sep 22, 2012: “Very nice vacation”
  • Jul 22, 2012: “expensive, but worth it!”
  • Jul 20, 2012: “I would say perfect if the restaurant...”
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Lake’s - my lake hotel & spa - Stay unique!

Situated in the most beautiful spot on Lake "Wörthersee", Lake’s- my lake hotel & spa awaits you with refined chic and casual sophistication. In the charming town of Pörtschach, it unites modern luxury with the historic appeal of the Austrian Riviera.
The hotel’s understated contemporary architecture gives it a distinguished presence. It features 70 studios and suites and two penthouses, each characterized by a spacious, open feeling that integrates the magnificent landscape and azure blue water of the lake with the interior. The beauty of the exterior is underscored by a stylish, maritime interior and a serene and inviting atmosphere.
World-class dining and a wide variety of options for relaxation and entertainment such as a full-service spa and a private beach with a beach club enhance the fresh, Mediterranean ambience of Lake’s - my lake hotel & spa.

How to get there

How to get there
Lake´s - my lake hotel & spa
Augustenstrasse 24 / A-9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria
Phone +43 (0) 42 72-20 505
Email: Contact Us / How to get there